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Monday, November 13, 2017

Oh, So Now Steve Harvey Is Sorry For Cozying Up To Trump?

Black celebrities from Ben Vereen to Wilt Chamberlain have identified themselves with Republicans and survived. But this is different.

The latest ratings for Steve Harvey’s show are bad. He’s lost his audience, and he blames his meeting with then President-elect Donald Trump at Trump Tower on Jan. 13 as the cause of his plummeting ratings. Back then, Harvey had nothing but glowing praise for Trump and high hopes for Trump’s presidency.

“I walked away feeling like I had just talked with a man who genuinely wants to make a difference in this area. I feel that something really great could come out of this,” said Harvey of his meeting with Trump.

Harvey basked in the glory of meeting with a man who rose to prominence as a “birther” and elevated white supremacists to the highest levels of power. For months, Harvey defended his decision to meet with Trump and only now that it could potentially ruin his career he has seen the error in his ways. Harvey’s no longer a person worth listening to.

Frankly, Harvey had already stopped being funny back in June, after he told a man from Flint, Michigan, who called into his radio show to “enjoy your nice brown glass of water.”

Harvey gets it now. “Meeting with Donald Trump was the worst mistake of my life,” he recently said on his radio show. But he has a lot of work to do to win back black support.

Ben Carson was loved by black America when he was the brain surgeon from Johns Hopkins who wrote inspirational books for black children. But all of his credibility quickly evaporated once he started criticizing President Barack Obama. His clueless political statements, stunningly moronic presidential campaign, and friendship with Trump only further solidified his exile from and ridicule within the black community. Carson seems uninterested in making amends and working to earn back the support he once had. He’s chosen a new team.

Harvey and Carson deserve their ostracism. But not everyone does. In recent years, the most dramatic and controversial shunning a black celebrity has received from the black community is also the most tragic and unjust.

When Buck Dancing Kills Your Ratings: Steve Harvey Is Now Having Coon Regrets

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Come back and lie to us about why you lied to us


Leahy: AG Sessions Must Return To Judiciary Committee For Under-Oath Testimony To Address New Revelations

[On Monday, unsealed court records revealed that George Papadopoulos – former foreign policy advisor to the Trump campaign – pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI about interactions with Russian agents during the 2016 campaign.  

Court documents show that there was a March 31, 2016, “national security meeting” in Washington, D.C., involving candidate Trump and other advisors, where Papadopoulos explained that he had connections to the Russian government and he offered to “help arrange a meeting between then-candidate Trump and [Russian] President Putin.” 

Then-Senator Sessions, serving as chairman of the campaign’s national security team, also attended this meeting, sitting just a few seats away from Papadopoulos.  Sessions reportedly “shut down” Papadopoulos and asserted that the topic should not be discussed again.  

Senator Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.), a leading member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, has confronted the Attorney General in two hearings this year about his communications with individuals with connections to the Russian government in the context of concerns that members of the Trump campaign colluded with the Kremlin in its efforts to elect Donald Trump.  

Leahy’s statement follows:]    

“Attorney General Sessions needs to come back before the Senate Judiciary Committee.  The description of the March 2016 meeting contained in unsealed court documents is impossible to reconcile with the Attorney General’s appearance before the Judiciary Committee just two weeks ago. 

In that hearing, he again testified under oath that he was not aware of any communications between individuals affiliated with the Trump campaign and Russian officials.  The Attorney General was already given an opportunity to correct his earlier misleading answers to me and Senator Franken in January through written, supplemental testimony.

Yet he only continued to mislead.  He now needs to come back before the Committee, in person, under oath, to explain why he cannot seem to provide truthful, complete answers to these important and relevant questions.”

Press Contact

David Carle: 202-224-3693

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Today's Terrorist Attack Changes Nothing (And, Unlike Gun Massacres, It Shouldn't)

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Ivanka Trump Says American Workers Are The “Best”, Still Has Her Products Made Overseas

During an interview on Fox News, Ivanka Trump claimed that both her and her father believe that American workers are the absolute “best” in the world.

If that’s the case, why do both Ivanka and Donald have the products for their clothing lines made overseas?

It has nothing to do with tax codes, as Ivanka claims, and has everything to do with paying slave wages to workers. Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins discusses this.

NFL Owner On Protests: "We Can’t Have The Inmates Running The Prison"

During a meeting to address the NFL players protesting during the national anthem, the owner of the Houston Texans said something that really upset players. Cenk Uygur, John Iadarola, Francesca Fiorentini, and Judah Friedlander, the hosts of The Young Turks, explain the fallout from his comments.

HOUSTON -- Some Texans players considered staging a walkout following a comment by team owner Bob McNair that compared NFL players to "inmates," a source told ESPN.

About 10 players, including Pro Bowl wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins, left the facility Friday, the source said. Sources told ESPN's Adam Schefter that Hopkins' absence from practice was directly related to McNair's comment. Running back D'Onta Foreman also did not practice over the quote, sources told ESPN.

Most of the players who left returned to the facility, the source said, and the remaining players were talked out of their protest by the coaching staff. "When it happened, there's a thousand emotions going through your mind," left tackle Duane Brown said. "Obviously, one of the emotions is to leave the building immediately. [But] we decided to go to work. The situation's not over. It's something that we'll reconvene and talk about again, but we had practice today."

Texans coach Bill O'Brien said Hopkins had taken a "personal day." "I'm 100 percent with these players," O'Brien said. "I love these players, I love this coaching staff. We will show up in Seattle and play. We will play very hard. Seattle is a great football team with a great coaching staff. But we will be there when the ball is kicked off in Seattle."

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Crazed Republican Congressman Runs From CNN Reporter Yelling “You’re Fake News!”

Republican Congressman Paul Gosar has been pushing some wild conspiracy theories recently, and when a CNN reporter finally got the chance to question Gosar about his claims, he decided to yell at the reporter saying “You’re fake news” before running away down the hallway.

This is the kind of behavior that Trump has normalized since becoming resident, as Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins points out.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Ricky Gervais Questions Sanity Of Trump Voters: “Why Are They Falling For Drain The Swamp?”

Comedian Ricky Gervais wants to know why Trump supporters are so dull that they fell for his promise to “drain the swamp.” And that’s a fair question. From everything we’ve seen from this administration, he’s not only failed on that promise, but he’s made the government far worse than we’ve seen in recent years. Gervais also offered some not-so-subtle advice to the Democratic elites during a recent interview, as Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins explains.

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Trump Says The “Piss Tape” Dossier Is A Conspiracy Funded By The FBI, Democrats, And Russia

Donald Trump is not happy about the resurgence of the “piss tape dossier” that claimed that Trump paid prostitutes to piss on him in a Russian hotel.

While there were far more explosive claims in the report, the “Golden Shower” claim has gained the most attention due to the overall creepiness of that assertion.

But Trump is fighting back, and he now says that this entire dossier was the result of the FBI, the Democratic Party, and Russia coming together to smear him. Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins discusses this.

Trump Rates His Puerto Rican Response A Perfect 10 As Residents Continue To Suffer

Donald Trump says that he would rate his handling of the dire situation in Puerto Rico a perfect 10, even though 28% of people on the island still don’t have access to clean water.

Trump has bungled the situation in Puerto Rico just as bad, or possibly even worse, than George W. Bush with Katrina, as Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins explains.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Trump Won't Stop Lying About Fallen Soldiers And Past Presidents

Donald Trump believes that the only way to get out of a hole is to keep digging, and that’s exactly what he’s doing right now while trying to downplay his lack of concern over the American soldiers who died after being ambushed during an attack in Niger. Trump claims that he’s done more than past presidents have, but that’s not even close to being the truth. Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins discusses this.

Donald Trump Callously Tells Widow of Fallen Soldier, "He Knew What He Signed Up For."

In this ‘Dollemore Daily’ Jesse addresses the comment, reportedly made to the wife of a fallen army Green Beret, Sgt. La David Johnson, "He knew what he signed up for."

Senate Intelligence Committee comes for the stupidest man in the Trump–Russia investigation

Former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn has a son who is also named Michael Flynn.

Flynn the younger is best known for his outlandish statements in support of every possible conspiracy theory, such as a Russian bribery scandal involving President Obama, a secret group behind the Las Vegas shooting, and a fresh set of accusations against Hillary Clinton.

And all that is just today.

Which makes this a fairly typical day in the life of blowhard racist golf bro, Michael Flynn—whose biggest accomplishment in life is spreading the insane “Pizzagate” story.

But the scruffier, pudgier Flynn—whose only military experience is dodging duck hooks on the golf course—was employed for a bit packing his father’s briefcase, accompanying him on overseas trips, and possibly little things like helping poppa plan to kidnap people and hand them over to foreign dictators.

Which has earned him some time with Special Counsel Robert Mueller, and has now brought him to the attention of the Senate Intelligence Committee.

Trump told soldier's widow 'he knew what he signed up for'

resident Trump called the families of troops who lost their lives in the Niger raid. Congresswoman Frederica Wilson says he told the widow of Sergeant La David Johnson, "He knew what he signed up for." She talks to CNN's Don Lemon about the call.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Joe Biden Reveals Dems Losing Strategy For 2020

DNC Appoints Anti- $15 Minimum Wage Stooge To Finance Committee

Elections have consequences, and the consequence of Tom Perez winning the DNC chair is that we now get anti-progressive, pro-corporate, anti-worker millionaires appointed to important positions inside the DNC.

Donald Trump Ignores Fallen Soldiers In Niger - Lies About Obama As Cover!

In this ‘Dollemore Daily’ Jesse addresses Donald Trump's remarks in a press conference at the White House with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. Trump obfuscated and made excuses for not mentioning the loss of four Green Berets in Niger 13 days ago.

Trump has written letters to the families of the fallen. Or he will. They’ll go out tonight. Probably. Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, breaks it down.

"So given how vocal Trump was about his support for the military, his silence after the Oct. 4 ambush in southwestern Niger in which four U.S. Special Forces soldiers were killed was noticeable. He finally commented on the incident Monday — 12 days after it happened. Asked by a reporter about his delayed response, Trump said he had written letters over the weekend and would “at some point” call the families of the fallen soldiers.

He also said of Obama and other previous presidents that “a lot of them didn't make calls,” an assertion former Obama aides forcefully denied. He did not explain why it had taken so long to publicly acknowledge the incident.

CNN reported over the weekend that Trump was golfing while the remains of La David Johnson, one of the four killed in the attack, were returned to Dover Air Force Base, a juxtaposition critics pounced on.”

During a Monday news conference, resident Trump was asked about the killing of four Green Berets in an ambush in Niger and why he hadn't addressed their deaths. The panel criticizes Trump's response.

Trump can't hold President Obama's jock strap

Trump, Chieftain of Spite

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Republicans stand by as the nation goes to hell

By Kerry Eleveld

After GOP Sen. Bob Corker raised the prospect last week that Donald Trump could propel us into World War III, House Speaker Paul Ryan responded to the horrific prospect this week with the fierce urgency of whatever.

They should just "talk it out" among themselves, Ryan told reporters Wednesday.

It was a revelation of sorts in the sense that it was hard to imagine Ryan carving out an even more useless space for himself in Washington than he has already been occupying. Conservative columnist Michael Gerson wrote:
So how does Ryan imagine a Corker/Trump conversation might unfold? Over dinner, Corker accuses the resident of being a chaotic, directionless, shallow liar who could start a nuclear war. Trump passes the peas and attacks Corker for being short. This is, after all, the way gentlemen resolve their differences.
Trump, who has consistently fumed over the nettlesome nature of being resident, appears to have reached a perpetual boiling point.

Angry at Congress's inability to dismantle his predecessor's signature achievement, health care, Trump is taking it upon himself to scrap the government subsidies millions of Americans depend on to pay for their coverage. Trump, who clearly believes this was a master stroke that will force Democrats to the bargaining table, has now placed the squeeze on Republicans to fix the subsidies fast lest millions of Americans see their premiums skyrocket 20 to 25 percent by 2020

After all, the first spike in coverage will come at the beginning of next year—becoming the GOP's de facto opening bid in a midterm election year that will ultimately be a referendum on their turn at one-party governance.

But hey, for a guy who often can't even remember why he stepped into a room, so goes his negotiating prowess. The White House is less about “strategy” these days than simply scrambling to keep Trump from blowing up the world.

Defense Secretary James Mattis and national security adviser H.R. McMaster reportedly toiled to find a way for Trump to shake his fist at Iran without totally sinking the Iran nuclear deal with which U.N. investigators say the country has complied. When Mattis and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson had originally advised Trump to stay in the deal, he apparently "threw a fit." So Trump's national security team spent months formulating a compromise between Trump's need for cathartic juvenile expression and our country's imperative to keep another regime from becoming the next unsolvable nuclear problem, à la North Korea.

In short, alongside Trump's governing incompetence, his bouts of rage have emerged as the most consistent and predominant feature of his residency. He “gets angry” when he realizes what his proposed policies will do; he's mad at Congress about health care, the Iran deal, taxes, ad infinitum; he seethes over his abysmal media coverage and wants “equal time” in the so-called ‘fake’ news; he's irate that a Puerto Rican mayor dare question his leadership as the death toll rises around her; he chafes at being called a “moron”; he's furious with Rex Tillerson and before him, Bob Corker, and before him, Jeff Sessions, and before him, James Comey, and... and... and.

And yet, in the face of what has become a crystal clear and present danger to the existence of our country, Ryan and his Senate counterpart Mitch McConnell have emerged as some of the most feckless, immoral, and negligent leaders of our time. More simply put—these guys might well be the biggest couple of tools to ever "lead" Congress.

While Ryan wants Trump and Corker to go to couples therapy (as if that'll solve our WW III dilemma), McConnell was busily covering his right flank this week with an offering of red meat to the GOP's starved base. In a Weekly Standard interview, McConnell tried to ease activists’ calls for his ouster by suggesting that Republicans would no longer honor the Senate's "blue slip" tradition. 

The practice allows any senator to effectively block consideration of a judicial nominee from her or his own state, which gives the minority party considerable power to slow down the judicial appointment process (a power that Republicans abused during President Obama's last two years in office). It remains to be seen if Judiciary Committee chair Chuck Grassley will follow McConnell's lead, but McConnell had to dangle something to distract conservative activists from his year of missed opportunities. Why not actively work to give Trump more power since he's been comporting himself so admirably? 

McConnell and Ryan are currently duking it out as the most reviled politicians in the land—detested almost equally as much by Trump's rabid supporters as Democratic voters. They lead a Republican Congress that, in the words of the Senate GOP's campaign arm, "has replaced President Obama as the bogeyman for conservative GOP primary voters."

They couldn't be a more deserving pair as they continue to empower the man-child in chief who is now bitterly destroying everything he can get his stubby little paws on.