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Monday, November 6, 2017

Insider: Betsy DeVos' Days Are Numbered.

"In a comprehensive profile, Politico said billionaire evangelical Christian DeVos has found herself stymied by the bureaucratic restraints on her job, but that bringing about change in Washington requires “time, patience and government savvy — three things she does not have.”

DeVos, said Politico’s Tim Alberta, is on a “religiously infused journey to reimagine the relationship between government, parents, teachers and schools.” The Secretary wants to allow parents more freedom to withdraw their children from public schools and enroll them in charter schools, religious schools and private schools.

What makes DeVos radical is she wants federal tax dollars to follow those children out of the public school system. One problem with implementing her plan is that public schools receive very little of their funding from the federal government. Another is her overall unpopularity and ineffectiveness.

Her first budget proposal for the department — one which would have slashed funding from multiple school programs and reapportioned that money to DeVos’ pet cause, “school choice” — was rejected by Congress.

Now, with her agenda on the rocks and morale at the Education Department cratering, some predict that DeVos may return to the private sector sooner than she’d planned."

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Today's Terrorist Attack Changes Nothing (And, Unlike Gun Massacres, It Shouldn't)

Friday, October 27, 2017

First charges filed in Mueller investigation

Updated 8:57 PM ET, Fri October 27, 2017

Washington (CNN) 

A federal grand jury in Washington, DC, on Friday approved the first charges in the investigation led by special counsel Robert Mueller, according to sources briefed on the matter.
The charges are still sealed under orders from a federal judge. Plans were prepared Friday for anyone charged to be taken into custody as soon as Monday, the sources said. It is unclear what the charges are.
A spokesman for the special counsel's office declined to comment.
Mueller was appointed in May to lead the investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 election.
Under the regulations governing special counsel investigations, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, who has oversight over the Russia investigation, would have been made aware of any charges before they were taken before the grand jury for approval, according to people familiar with the matter.

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Stop Praising Horrible Republicans Just Because They Don't Like Trump

Many Republicans have come forward recently to admonish or outright reject the presidency of Donald Trump.

And while the media is heaping praise on men like George W. Bush and Jeff Flake, they completely ignore the fact that the agendas of the dissenters are no different than those of Trump.

We have to stop forgiving these Republicans of their past sins just because they don’t like Donald Trump, as Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins explains.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Barack Obama Speaks On Trump

Here are some comments on the monster that American society has created.

McCain Calls Out Trump's Draft Dodging

John McCain recently discussed people getting out of Vietnam by getting doctors to write letters saying that they have bone spurs. Guess who did that? Cenk Uygur, the host of The Young Turks, shows you McCain calling out Trump’s draft dodging.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

This Amazing Pic Of Trump And Mitch McConnell Having Russian Flags Thrown At Them Is Priceless

By Jason Easley

A picture captures the precise moment when Trump and Mitch McConnell had Russian flags thrown at them as they arrived for the Republican Senate lunch.

A picture captures the precise moment when Trump and Mitch McConnell had Russian flags thrown at them as they arrived for the Republican Senate lunch.

The picture was taken by Roll Call photographer Bill Clark.

Pictures are capable of capturing the mood of a nation better than words ever could. This is one of those moments as a smiling Mitch McConnell, and thumbs up Trump are reminded of what they did to win an election as Russian flags fly toward them.

McConnell has been one of the cover-up artists for Trump in the Russia campaign. Going back to the 2016 campaign, McConnell refused to work with President Obama and issue a joint statement condemning Russian interference in the presidential election.

McConnell also allowed Russia to attack the election by expressing skepticism about the intelligence that Russia was interfering in the US presidential election.

Mitch McConnell is still working hard to cover-up Trump's crimes.

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words, or in this case, one stolen presidential election.

Monday, October 23, 2017

John McCain Brutally Mocks Trump For Being A Draft Dodging Coward


Sen. McCain (R-AZ) said, “One aspect of the conflict by the way that I will never ever countenance is that we drafted the lowest income level of America and the highest income level found a doctor that would say that they had a bone spur. That is wrong. That is wrong. If we are going to ask every American to serve, every American should serve.”

Donald Trump has been insulting and threatening Sen. McCain even after his brain cancer diagnosis, but McCain has been through way worse than anything Trump can dish out on Twitter. Sen. McCain was right on one critical point. Trump is a man who wrapped himself in the flag but used his family’s wealth to avoid serving his country. A resident who is under federal investigation for collaborating with a hostile foreign power to undermine democracy and win a presidential election is no patriot.

The prognosis may not be good for John McCain, but if he is in the final act of his life, he is using it to defend his country against the threat that is Donald Trump.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Larry Flynt offers $10 million for info to help impeach Trump

Hustler Magazine founder Larry Flynt is reportedly offering a $10 million reward for information that could lead to the impeachment of resident Trump.
Fox Business anchor Liz Claman tweeted an image of a full page advertisement from Flynt that offered the reward. Flynt later retweeted it on his own account.

In the ad, Flynt calls Trump an “illegitimate” resident who “was installed only by the quirks of our antiquated Electoral College.”

Flynt cites several reasons he believes Trump should be impeached in the ad, including Trump’s firing of former FBI Director James Comey and his withdrawal of the United States from the Paris climate change agreement.
 The adult magazine founder also ripped Trump for his “unconscionable defense of the KKK and neo-Nazis after the Charlottesville riots,” and argued that Trump’s “worrisome” ability to “trigger a nuclear world war” is one of the more “horrifying” reasons Trump should be impeached.

“Impeachment would be a messy, contentious affair, but the alternative - three more years of destabilizing dysfunction - is worse,” Flynt writes in the ad. “Both good Democrats and good Republicans who put country over party did it before with Watergate.”

Flynt writes that impeachment would require “unimpeachable evidence” and said that’s why he is offering a $10 million reward.

“We need to flush everything out into the open,” Flynt wrote.

Flynt has made similar offers in the past, offering up to $1 million in October 2016 for audio or video recordings of Trump “engaging in illegal activity or acting in a sexually demeaning or derogatory manner.”

Flynt also made a similar offer of $1 million in 1998 during former President Bill Clinton’s impeachment trial and again in 2007, when he offered to pay for “documented evidence of illicit sexual liaisons with a prominent member of public office.”

This is a serious cash reward from a man with a history of paying his debts (unlike Trump). Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, breaks it down.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Democrats Aim To Strip Mentally Unstable Trump Of His Ability To Launch Nuclear Weapons

With Donald Trump’s mental instability becoming a major issue in American politics, and the threat of an altercation with North Korea or possibly even Iran looming, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi has begun conversations about passing legislation that would prevent Trump from being able to unilaterally launch nuclear weapons.

As it stands right now, Trump can launch any weapon at any time that he wants, and Democrats (and even some Republicans) understand how dangerous that is for the planet. Ring of Fire's Farron Cousins discusses this.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Seven Deal Breakers With Women

Time To Out Republicans (Not For What You're Thinking Of)

Posted by Rude One

You've been reading the articles about how Republican Senator Bob Corker said Donald Trump's recklessness and ignorance are setting us "on the path to World War III." Or maybe you've seen the Washington Post story that quotes multiple sources, many anonymous, on how Trump is becoming isolated and rage-filled and unpredictable.

Or perhaps you read Michelle Goldberg in the New York Times saying, "Among people who work in politics, Republicans as well as Democrats, it is conventional wisdom in DC that resident Trump is staggeringly ill-informed, erratic, reckless and dishonest."

Or you could have seen the Politico article that "Trump, several advisers and aides said, sometimes comes into the Oval Office worked into a lather from talking to friends or watching TV coverage in the morning," and they have to calm him down by rubbing his chins or something.

Corker, who isn't running for reelection in 2018, also said, "The vast majority of our caucus understands what we’re dealing with here...of course they understand the volatility that we’re dealing with and the tremendous amount of work that it takes by people around him to keep him in the middle of the road."

And that's the thread that runs through these articles. It's taken as true that many, many Republicans know that Trump is unfit for office. What else we can glean is something that Vox's Ezra Klein tweeted today: "Every political reporter know plenty of top Republicans routinely talk like Corker behind closed doors. There is such widespread cowardice here, and the country is paying the price."

I don't know many people who have access to Republicans in Congress, but the few I've spoken to say the same thing, that, with the exception of the nutzoids in the Freedom Caucus, pretty much down the line and around the nation, Republicans in the House and Senate know that Trump is unfit. What's more, they know he's dangerous. What's more, they know that if he does something completely insane, like nuke North Korea, they are responsible.

So it weighs on these cowards. Do we challenge the president and face the wrath of Breitbart and Fox and the doxing, death-threatening legions of insane tweeters and Redditors and 4 and 8chan-nintgtons, bots and true believers alike? Or do we just keep our mouths shut and hope we get reelected and hope beyond hope that he's not that crazy?

Here is where those political reporters and all the connected pundits come in. Yeah, you're not supposed to name your sources. Yeah, it's a big damn journalistic principle. But if I thought my best friend was going to shoot up a school, I'd violate the bro code or whatever and tell someone because that's what you do. (Note: None of my besties own guns.) When it comes to Trump, we're talking far more than that level of danger, and that's coming from Corker, one Republican who did speak out.

You know how you play this game, the one that asks, "If you could go back in time and stop Hitler, would you?" Here, you don't even have to kill a baby. But you might stop a nuclear war. You might get a madman out of the position to inflict his madness on the world.

Media folk just need to reveal the Republicans who believe that Trump can't function as the president. Out them. Let's get it all out in the open. I don't know if the next step would be for them to impeach or remove him in some way. But at least it might force them to support something like the Lieu/Markey bill to compel a president to go through Congress before launching an offensive nuclear strike.

Sure, you're gonna burn sources. But maybe that's a small price to pay to force sunshine into the darkness we find ourselves facing.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Republicans Finally Admit That Trump Is Unfit For Office

Republican Senator Bob Corker unloaded on Trump in a recent interview with The New York Times, where he said that Republicans in DC regularly discuss the fact that Donald Trump is not fit to hold office. Could his admission finally lead to action from the Republican Party to remove Trump from office, or will they roll over and let this unhinged lunatic continue to destroy our country? Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins discusses this.

Monday, October 9, 2017

Trump’s Pledge To Hire “The Best People” Might Be His Biggest Lie Ever

Donald Trump promised that he was going to pack his administration with “the best people.”

Well, after 8 months we’ve seen people like Priebus, Gorka, Bannon, Spicer, Flynn, Scaramucci, and several others vacate the Trump administration, and the few that are left all seem to be under investigation – including Trump’s own children!

Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins discusses this.

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Eddie Griffin: Trump Experienced Trauma At 15, That's Why He's Stuck At That Age

Comedian Eddie Griffin is no stranger to voicing his opinion, in part 1 of "The Truth" the funnyman goes on a harangue about Donald Trump's residency and how him being an "adolescent adult" will likely lead to another World War.

"A childish motherfucker - I don't know what happened, but something traumatic happened in Trump's life around 14 or 15 years old because he's stuck at that age," expells Griffin.

He then goes on to explain how Kim Jong-Un also had a traumatic adolescence that has led to the two of them going back and forth.

He also says "This a coup pulled off by the Russians, Trump's motherfuckin' treasonist ass, the alt-right, KKK, neo-nazis all conspired pulled off a coup of the United States residency."

Watch the clip to hear him tell it like it is about what's going on in America and why no one is speaking up. This is the first of three clips that serve as the prequel to his forthcoming comedy special.

Does Donald Trump Even Want To Be President Anymore?

Donald Trump doesn’t appear to even be trying to act like he cares about being resident, as his responses to both the Las Vegas shooting and Puerto Rico’s devastation following 2 massive hurricanes have shown us.

So why won’t he resign?

Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins explains Trump’s decision to remain in a position that he clearly hates.

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Fuck You, Steve Scalise

Posted by Rude One

Before he was shot and nearly killed in June, Representative Steve Scalise was a motherfucker on cultural issues. How much of a motherfucker was he? His security detail as Majority Whip in the House of Representatives included Capitol Officer Crystal Griner. Griner and another officer, David Bailey, were injured saving Scalise, with Griner being shot in the ankle. Scalise released a statement specifically thanking the two: "I am especially grateful to Crystal and David, who I have been blessed to have by my side day in and day out in my job as Majority Whip. I would not be here today without the bravery of Crystal and David. They saved my life, and are my heroes."

That's right. For three years, since he was elected Majority Whip, the Louisiana Republican has had Crystal Griner by his side. Griner, as you may have heard, is a lesbian who is married to, wait for it, a woman.

Being a nutzoid Christian, Steve Scalise has spent a good chunk of his career blocking the rights of the woman who put her safety on the line for him and, as he said, saved his life. On his official congressional web page, it brags, "Congressman Scalise has worked diligently throughout his career to protect traditional marriage. Scalise has co-sponsored legislation to amend the Constitution to define marriage as between a man and a woman. As a member of the Louisiana State Legislature, Congressman Scalise authored a similar amendment to the Louisiana Constitution that protects traditional marriage."

So he was being protected by someone whose happiness he sought to prevent. That's how much of a motherfucker he was. And now, after the shooting, after he was saved by Griner, he's even more of a motherfucker because he's going right back to fucking mothers.

One of his first big public appearances will be at the hategasm known as the Values Voters Summit. That's a gathering of homophobic Jesus-fellaters who rant for a couple of days at a DC hotel about how fucked the nation is, how much they hate libtards, the poors, and the darks, and how Donald Trump's shit tastes like delicious chocolate pie. It's sponsored by the mad Family Research Council (motto: "Proud to be labeled a hate group"), whose "Human Sexuality" page makes you think that LGBTQ Americans are essentially Isis in better clothes and that the Obergefell decision legalizing same-sex marriage is the day God puked.

Yeah, in a royal "Fuck you, my real savior," Scalise is gonna speak to these dipshits.

And before you say, "Oh, wait, he might say something about a change of heart."

After I stopped laughing at how adorable you are, I'd point out that in his first post-hospitalization interviews this week, Scalise has said that his being shot and all those people in Las Vegas being killed has only strengthened his desire to stick his dick into a shotgun barrel and fuck it.

On Fox "news," Scalise was firm about his bullshit, dangerous interpretation of the 2nd Amendment: "I think it's fortified it because first of all, you've got to recognize that when there is a tragedy like this, the first thing we should be thinking about is praying for the people who were injured and doing whatever we can to help them, to help law enforcement. We shouldn't be first thinking of promoting our political agenda." And then, like so many fucking idiots talking about guns, he brought up how law enforcement has guns, which no one is saying should change: "Frankly what I experienced was when there was a shooter, luckily we had Capitol Police there with their own guns. Every single day in America regular citizens that just have a passionate belief in the Second Amendment, who have their own guns, use guns every single day to protect themselves against criminals...that's a different side of the story that I think is important. People use guns way more to defend themselves against criminals than criminals use guns to hurt people."

Oh, go fuck yourself with your own shattered pelvis, you fucking blind shitheel. First of all, Griner and Bailey didn't have "their own guns." They had department-issued guns. And, you dumb motherfucker, guns harm more people than they help, as study after study after study has shown. And you can't just compare crimes committed versus crimes stopped; you better throw in accidents, suicides, and more in there or you're just a lying son of a bitch.

Did anyone really think that Scalise, who comes from a gerrymandered district in deep red Louisiana, David Duke country and the creepy-ass area where the first season of True Detective took place combined, would gain wisdom and perspective from learning what exactly bullets can do to a body? C'mon. He could have taken ten bullets and watched his whole family be shot and all of them saved by a group of gay EMTs and not a goddamn thought of transformation would enter his depraved fucking head. A bought and paid for whore knows that he's gotta keep working for his pimp. He gets no sympathy. He doesn't get a pass for his pain when he wants so many others to suffer.

Welcome back, Steve Scalise, and fuck you endlessly.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Tell me one thing that Rex Tillerson said that was wrong.

Because Donald Trump IS a fucking moron.

In this ‘Dollemore Daily’ Jesse addresses Donald Trump's stark lack of ability where it relates to language.

Rex Tillerson's non-denial is hilarious. Ana Kasparian, Jimmy Dore, and Ron Placone, hosts of The Young Turks, discuss.

"Secretary of State Rex Tillerson just delivered an unscheduled statement to reporters about “some news reports this morning that I want to address.” But while Tillerson went on to dispute one major contention in those “reports” — that he considered resigning — he directly and pregnantly declined to dispute another one — that he called his boss, resident Trump, a “fucking moron.” The juxtaposition of those two things was striking, and it leads to basically one logical conclusion: He can't deny it . . . because he said it.”*

Hosts: Ana Kasparian, Jimmy Dore, and Ron Placone

Monday, October 2, 2017

Prayers Aren’t Enough After Deadly Mass Shooting, We Have To Act On Gun Control

59 people died and 527 were injured at a country music festival in Las Vegas on Sunday night when a mass shooter opened fire into the crowds. Witnesses say the shots lasted for about ten to fifteen minutes, and the shooter was using an automatic weapon designed to kill a lot of things very quickly.

Both Republicans and Democrats began Tweeting out their “thoughts and prayers” after the tragedy, but that’s not good enough. As Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins explains, the time to act – or at the very least open up a serious dialog – about gun control is right now.