This article contains a giant list of video game spoilers for games such as BioShock, Final Fantasy X, and Red Dead Redemption. You’ve been warned.

Games are full of great plot twists, but knowing these plot twists before you play the game can sometimes ruin your enjoyment of the experience. That said, here are some of the biggest jaw dropping moments in video games. Highlight the text to see the spoilers proceed with caution!!!

Massive Spoilers Beyond This Point!!!

Assassin’s Creed: BrotherhoodAt the end of the game, you become possessed by a member of the First Civilization named Juno and kill Lucy Stillman, the woman who has been helping you hunt the Templars since the beginning of the series.
Batman: Arkham CityJoker dies, and the heathy version of him that has been running around the city is actually Clayface.
Batman: Arkham KnightJoker plays a major role in the game. Batman has been infected with Joker’s high-end virus, and it is consuming his mind. Throughout the game you constantly have visions where the Joker talks to you. Also, Arkham Knight is Batman’s old sidekick Jason Todd, the second Robin who Batman thought died at the hands of Joker.
BioShockAtlas is Fontaine, and you are the illegitimate son of Andrew Ryan and Jasmine Jolene. You spend most of the game hearing the phrase, “Would you kindly,” but this is a physiological programing. You were given phony memories so you could do Fontaine’s bidding.

BioShock Infinite
You are the prophet Comstock, the ruler of Columbia, and Elizabeth is your daughter. You travel through time where she kills you to prevent you from becoming Comstock. Things are confusing.

Call of Duty 4: Modern WarfareAfter successfully completing a mission, a nuclear weapon is detonated in the capital city of the Middle Eastern nation. After getting caught in the blast, you stumble out of a helicopter and eventually collapse and dies.
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2After going undercover and integrating yourself into a terrorist cell, you are selected to participate in an assault on Zakhaev International Airport where you assist in the massacre of hundreds of civilians – an event that sparks World War III.
F.E.A.R.Alma, the creepy little girl with terrifying psychic powers who has tormented you the whole game, is your mom.
Final Fantasy VIHalfway through the game, the emperor’s mage Kefka actually destroys the world and you fail to stop him.
Final Fantasy VIIThe main villain, Sephiroth, kills your love interest, Aeris.

Final Fantasy X
Sin is a giant beast that terrorizes the world. It is also your father. And you and Auron have actually been dead most of the game.

Heavy RainOne of the four playable protagonists, Detective Scott Shelby, is the Origami serial killer you’ve been hunting and the man who kidnapped Ethan’s son. 
InfamousEarly on, you learn that the gangs of Empire City are being controlled by a man named Kessler. However, Kessler is a future version of yourself who has traveled back in time and orchestrated the events that lead to you getting superpowers.
Jak 3You spend most of the series hearing about the advanced race known as the precursors, but at the end of the game they are revealed to be ottsels – the same weasely creatures that your friend Daxter turned into in the first game.

Metal Gear Solid 2
Solid Snake, the series most recognizable protagonist is only playable for the first few hours of the game. You spend the rest of the game playing as a whiny character named Raiden. 

MetroidThe badass bounty hunter you have been playing as the whole game takes off her armor and reveals that she is actually a woman.
Red Dead RedemptionEdger Ross is using you to kill your old gang members. When your work is done, Ross kills you too. The game then jumps forward a little more than a decade and you take control of your son, who enacts revenge for his father’s murder.
Resident EvilYour superior officer, Wesker, is revealed to be an Umbrella double agent.

Silent Hill 2
You came to the town of Silent Hill after getting a letter from your dead wife, but you were the one who actually killed her nearly a year ago. You’ve journeyed to Silent Hill to torture yourself.

Spec Ops: The LineMany of the events of the game are a fabrication of your mind, designed to cope with the traumatic event where you killed 47 civilians using the chemical weapon white phosphorus.
Star Wars: Knights of the Old RepublicYou are Darth Revan, a maniacal Sith Lord who was betrayed by his apprentice, healed by the Jedi Council, and then mindwiped.
Your LifeYou will die alone.

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