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Monday, March 12, 2018

Kiss My Rump, Donald Trump

Words and music by Sandy and Richard Riccardi

Buy it now! copyright 2016

Give the white supremacists a nod Tell the Christian right that you found God Take away the women’s rights we’ve had for fifty years Hang out with the Ku Klux Klan, then crucify the queers Build a wall to keep the for’ners out Tell a Californian there’s no drought That leaves one thing more before we’re through One little thing from me, for you to do Kiss My Rump, Donald Trump I’d never vote for you Not if you were the last man standing Kiss My Rump Donald Trump Your winning days are through Your ass, to you, we will be handing Lie about the businesses you’ve sold Leave your wives before they get too old Go learn your Scottish history, you silly billionaire Admit you can’t buy everything as proved by your bad hair Talk of women like they’re pigs and whores State they’re only useful on all fours Use Mick Jagger’s music till you’re sued But here’s one little task you must include Kiss My Rump, Donald Trump I’d never vote for you Not if you were the last man standing Kiss My Rump Donald Trump Your winning days are through Your ass to you we will be handing I’ll try to be succincter But your mouth looks like a sphincter Your squinty eyes reveal to me A narcissistic personality Your tiny sausage fingers are Too small to hold your fat cigar I’d put a handsome Muslim man before your nasty fake spray tan Tell McCain he’s not a war hero After all, why not? You didn’t go Tell me how you plan to carpet bomb the innocents Tell me you can run the country with noexperience Flush the Grand Old Party down the drain Have a bromance with Vladimir Pu-tain Summon all the bigots in the country from their caves Is this the way a president behaves? Kiss My Rump, Donald Trump I’d never vote for you Not if you were the last man standing Kiss My Rump Donald Trump Your winning days are through Your ass to you we will be handing

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Isaac Hayes - Medley: Ike's Rap III / Your Love Is So Doggone Good

Lord have mercy...panty dropping music.

From the Black Moses album. Black Moses is the fifth studio album by American soul musician Isaac Hayes. It is a double album released on Stax Records' Enterprise label in 1971.

Friday, July 21, 2017

Atari is making a hat with speakers in it

Forget the new Atari console. The retro game developer has something far more novel up its sleeve (or on its head, rather): the Atari Speakerhat.

Conceived as a limited edition tie-in to Blade Runner 2049, the Speakerhat is a joint project between Atari, Audioware, and collectibles manufacturer NECA.

As pictured above, the Speakerhat is a baseball cap with high-fidelity stereo speakers and a microphone that can connect to Bluetooth devices, should you want to make calls or listen to music through your hat.

Read more…

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

The Donald's family!

Sung to the tune of The Addams Family Theme Song

They´re creepy and they´re kooky, Nefarious and spooky, They´re altogether ooky, The Donald´s family!

They're creepy and their spooky, criminal and full of hooey, they're altogether pukey, The Donald's Family

Colluding with the Kremlin, They wanted dirt on Clinton, They all belong in prison, The Donald's Family


Sunday, April 16, 2017

Playable violin made of 16,000 matchsticks

By Andrea James

In 1937, Polish bricklayer Jan Gwiżdż made a matchstick violin that traveled Europe as a curiosity. When Jan's grandson Hubert Gwiżdż took possession of it, he decided to get it rated for concert performances.

Monday, January 2, 2017

Mormon Tabernacle Woman Quits Choir, Likens Trump To Hitler

By LeftOfCenter

Mormon Tabernacle Woman Quits Choir,  Likens Trump To Hitler
Jan Chamberlin can't perform for a man this dangerous.
More drama from the Trump Inauguration extravaganza; this time, another female performer who objects to the kind of deplorable person chosen by the Electoral College, is leaving her group to avoid having to be a part of the unpleasantness.

The Salt Lake Tribune reported that Jan Chamberlin, a member of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, has resigned from the famed group to avoid performing at the imminently depressing Inauguration of Herr Führer, Donald Trump.

Who found this rather minor news deeply unsettling? It's none other than the self-righteous Todd Starnes who fancies himself as the quintessential Christian White Male, a younger, plumper version of Mike Pence. Both are deeply homophobic, almost too much so, and are staunchly in favor of making this country a Christian Theocracy. Both are big proponents of labeling derogatory events associated with Islam by using that catch phrase: Islamic terrorism.

If you're unfamiliar with this brown-nosing, self-righteous pundit, imagine that one annoying student who would remind the teacher to give that pop quiz or assign homework. He's openly objected to a professor teaching about the Islamic Faith, and claimed this is proof of a 'Stealth Jihad' to infiltrate our schools. Starnes has no regard for the Establishment Clause in our Constitution and sees nothing wrong with making America Theocratic Again. Islamic theocracy bad, Christian theocracy good.

Starnes was an early supporter of Trump, despite the unsettling and not-so-Christian-like gaffes he often made. Now that the man somehow has gotten to POTUS-elect, everyone should follow in his footsteps and virtually worship the man.

That includes the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and ALL its members. How dare this woman slight Trump! How could she possibly compare Trump to Hitler? Just off the fainting couch, Starnes has been clutching the pearls since he's heard this news. He explained:
Jan Chamberlin has resigned from the famed choir - rather than perform for Donald Trump's inauguration.
"Since 'the announcement,' I have spent several sleepless nights and days in turmoil and agony," she wrote in her resignation letter to the choir.

She went on wail about how she was having to search her soul and how she could never look at herself in the mirror if she performed for President-elect Trump.
"I only know I could never 'throw roses to Hitler.' And I certainly could never sing for him," she wrote in her letter - as reported by the Tribune.

The Latter Day Saints said participation in the inauguration is strictly voluntary. No one is being forced to sing for the president-elect. But Ms. Chamberlin remains steadfast and warned the choir's reputation would be tarnished.
Todd feels that there's no way this comparison is fair at all. He's a proponent of Godwin's Law, which, in cases of a Adolf-Donald comparison the law is invalid, he is frightfully similar to the Nazi.

Comparisons to Hitler are right on target for many reasons.

Any comparison between Donald Trump, Adolf Hitler, and the German Nazis is legitimate and there is growing evidence that Trump supporters are actively taking the right steps to repeat Nazi-type atrocities on American citizens who are not white Christian males.

1. Like Adolf Hitler, Donald Trump has a most senior adviser, and “alt-right” Nazi Stephen Bannon that terrified Europeans compare to one of Adolf Hitler’s most senior advisors and propaganda chief Josef Goebbels.

2. Donald Trump isn’t the originator of #MAGA. That would be Adolf Hitler, who, if he never made it a slogan, did make the idea “Make Germany Great Again” a central theme of his political movement.

3. The New York Times‘ Berlin bureau chief, Cyril Brown, covered Hitler for the paper, writing in a piece published on Nov. 21, 1922 that,

First Example
His program consists chiefly of half a dozen negative ideas clothed in generalities… He probably does not know himself just what he wants to accomplish.
This sounds a lot like Trump. A half dozen negative ideas clothed in generalities really says it all. Very, very much like Trump, who is terrific, did we mention that?

Second Example:
He talks rough, shaggy, sound horse sense, and according to… public opinion, a strong, active leader equipped with horse sense is the need of the hour.”
This is precisely how Donald Trump has presented himself and been received by his followers, and as with Hitler, his blunt talk has been mistaken for honestly, as though a pathological liar cannot speak bluntly.
4.This Nazi hate-propaganda is too familiar to people who are old enough to remember the atrocities first hand.
Some people can attempt to downplay the eerie similarities between Adolf Hitler and the man who, according to an ex-wife, sleeps with a copy of Hitler’s speeches by his bedside.
5. Trump has yet to really "denounce the support of Neo-Nazis, he (with the help of the mainstream media) has mainstreamed and normalized it. Alt-Right is a euphemism for neo-Nazi, and this Mormon choir singer can see the writing on the wall.
Make your country great again? Been there, done that, and look where it got the Germans and all the minorities the Nazis trampled along the way.
Jan Chamberlin should be commended for sticking to her principles, unlike Starnes who acts completely antithetical to Christs' teachings of love, tolerance and empathy.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Inauguration blues: Why pop stars won't play for Trump

Reports from the US suggest Donald Trump is struggling to find A-list stars to perform at his inauguration. We asked the stars of the BBC Music Awards what it would take to get them to play.

When President Barack Obama was inaugurated in 2009, he was serenaded by Beyonce and Aretha Franklin.

During his stay in the White House, he's had audiences with the likes of Rihanna, James Taylor and Kendrick Lamar.

Donald Trump might not be so lucky.

According to US news website The Wrap, Trump's inaugural committee is scrambling to find stars who are willing to play at his swearing in ceremony on 20 January 2017.

"They're calling managers, agents, everyone in town to see who they can get and it's been problematic," an unnamed source told the site.

Grammy-winner John Legend, who has been a guest of the Obamas several times, says he is "not surprised at all".

"Creative people tend to reject bigotry and hate," he told the BBC.

"We tend to be more liberal-minded. When we see somebody that's preaching division and hate and bigotry, it's unlikely he'll get a lot of creative people that want to be associated with him."

"I would never do it," agrees Swedish star Zara Larsson, speaking at the BBC Music Awards.

"A lot of artists out there have been very pro-Hillary and anti-Donald. So I would never do it and most other smart people wouldn't do it."
Despite their reservations, Trump's campaign appeared to have scored a victory last month, when they announced one A-list star would be taking part in the celebrations.

"Elton John is going to be doing our concert on the mall," said Anthony Scaramucci, a member of the presidential inaugural committee, claiming that Mr Trump would be the first president to enter the White House with a pro-gay stance.

But almost as soon as the comments were made, Sir Elton issued a strongly-worded rebuttal.

"Incorrect. He will NOT be performing," wrote his publicist, making liberal use of the caps lock key.

"There is no truth in this at all."
Kanye West said he would have voted for Trump, if he had voted - and met the president elect on the morning of 13 December.

Following the meeting, the pair refused to discuss the inauguration. Mr Trump said they were "just friends".

Other names bandied around have been lower-profile - from rap-rock rascal Kid Rock to Achy Breaky country star Billy Ray Cyrus.

However, The Wrap claims Trump's team is still holding out for a Bruno Mars or Justin Timberlake.

The situation has become so critical that they are allegedly breaking with protocol to offer artists an appearance fee.

"They are willing to pay anything," said their source, suggesting that a six-figure sum would be within reach.

This has been flatly denied by the spokesman for the Presidential Inaugural Committee, Boris Epshteyn, who said "no one with any official position at, or official relationship with, the presidential committee is engaging in the conduct described".
But even if a fee was offered - would anyone accept?

"I don't think I would take the money on that one," says US pop star Adam Lambert, the part-time frontman of Queen, who is a passionate advocate for LGBTQ rights.

"I don't think I'd be endorsing that. They might struggle."

Rick Astley, the 80's pop legend who is currently enjoying an unexpected career resurgence, is less forthright.

"Depends how big the cheque was!" he laughs, before expressing reservations about Trump's presidency.

"Politically, the whole world's been shaken this year - and that was the icing on the cake," he says.

"But whether it was Donald Trump or anybody else, I'm not sure I'd want to go and play at the inauguration of an American president. I don't think that's a place for a British artist to be, to be honest."

One exception could be Matt Goss - the former Bros frontman, who has had a successful second career with his Las Vegas residency.

But despite holding an honorary captaincy in the US Army - making Trump his incoming commander-in-chief - Goss says he'll give the inauguration a miss.

"I'm very proud that I live there and proud of my residency in Vegas but, politics aside, I wasn't impressed by the lack of civility. I would bow out of that one gracefully."
Then, just as it seems no-one in the music world harbours a secret ambition to play for the president elect, we bump into Matt Healy, lead singer of The 1975.

Yes, he says, he would sing at the inauguration… but on one condition.

"I'll do it if they give me cash up front," he says. "Then watch what would happen. It would be a riot."

So what's his price?

"What do I want? Well, he's got gold seat belts in his plane - so at least a million quid."

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Killer Instinct Soundtrack Coming To Vinyl

The soundtrack to the original Killer Instinct is the most epic fighting game soundtrack ever produced. Robin Beanland and Graeme Norgate's music spans metal, rock, hip-hop, and of course...glorious 90's pop.

It's a great thrill to announce that they’ve collaborated with Xbox to resurrect the legendary album, Killer Cuts, now for the very first time on wax… and it only took 21 years!

Friday, April 29, 2016

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Shalamar - Somewhere There's A Love Just For Me

Three for Love is the fourth album by American R&B group Shalamar, released in 1980 on the SOLAR label.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Saturday, March 5, 2016

In Plagiarism Lawsuit, Jimmy Page Describes The Creation Of Led Zeppelin's "Stairway to Heaven"

British rock musician and former guitarist for Led Zeppelin, Jimmy Page talks to fans during a book "stamping" event in Toronto July 21, 2015. © Hans Deryk/Reuters British rock musician and former guitarist for Led Zeppelin, Jimmy Page talks to fans during a book "stamping" event in Toronto July 21, 2015. 
On Thursday, Led Zeppelin guitarist and songwriter Jimmy Page gave a remarkable declaration in court where he admits to discovering a copy of Spirit's first album in his record collection. He's currently fending off a lawsuit brought by the heirs of Spirit's own guitarist, Randy Craig Wolfe, who contend that the famous song "Stairway to Heaven" derived from a 2-minute, 37-second instrumental titled "Taurus"  from Spirit's 1968 album.

"I had not previously seen it in my collection and do not know how or when it got there," states Page. "It may well have been left by a guest. I doubt it was there for long, since I never noticed it before. But, again, I know I did not hear Taurus until 2014."

In conjunction with this declaration - as well as one by Led Zeppelin singer Robert Plant - the band has brought a motion for summary judgment to a lawsuit that was first filed in Pennsylvania before moving to California. The motion demands dismissal of an action that alleges a "falsification of Rock N' Roll history," specifically that "any reasonable observer, when comparing 'Taurus' and 'Stairway to Heaven,' must conclude that -- at the very least -- significant portions of the songs are nearly identical."

The key aspects of the motion involve not a fight to contend the songs aren't similar, but rather a consequential argument why the Randy Craig Wolfe Trust is in no position to bring a lawsuit in the first place.

Most notably, Led Zeppelin argues that Taurus was a "work for hire," meaning Wolfe himself never enjoyed copyright to his song. The basis here is that in 1967, Wolfe entered into a recording contract with Ode Records and a songwriter contract with its affiliate Hollenbeck Music, where it was agreed that Wolfe was a "writer for hire... with full rights of copyright renewal vested in [Hollenbeck]."
If that argument doesn't work - and it's a contention that is sure to be watched by other musicians working during the dawn of the rock era - Led Zeppelin next moves onto a second line of attack: Wolfe waived his claim in 1991, when during an interview, he was asked about "Stairway" (others have long noted the similarity of the two songs), and responded, "If they wanted to use [Taurus] that's fine," and "I'll let them have the begging of Taurus for their song without a lawsuit."
Argument #3: The 43 years between the time that "Stairway to Heaven" came out and the filing of the lawsuit rises to laches, which prohibits delayed lawsuits that have a prejudicial effect on defendants. 
Nearly two years ago, in a Supreme Court decision that dealt with the famous Martin Scorsese film Raging Bull, the high court held that the equitable defense of laches can't be invoked to preclude damages claims brought within the applicable three-year statute of limitations; however here, the Led Zeppelin defendants say this doesn't mean that laches doesn't remain a viable defense.
If the above three arguments fail, then the judge may get to addressing the similarity of the songs. 
Here's a listen of "Taurus":

Led Zeppelin argues, "The similarity between Taurus and Stairway is limited to a descending chromatic scale of pitches resulting from 'broken' chords or arpeggios and which is so common in music it is called a minor line cliché... There is no substantial similarity in the works' structures, which are markedly different. Neither is there any harmonic or melodic similarity beyond the unprotected descending line. Rather, straining to find something, plaintiff's expert argues that Stairway and recordings of Taurus have only five of the six chords in a centuries-old work - part of public domain material is still public domain material - and that both have the unprotected sequence of notes in a minor scale, A, B and C."
Here's the full summary judgment motion for more here.
If the judge reaches the point of comparing both songs, it will be influenced by a determination of a concept in copyright law known as the "inverse-ratio rule" where lots of access to a song necessitates less proof of similarity.
That's where Page's testimony comes in. The defendants argue that "Taurus" was not "widely disseminated" as it was not released as a single nor played on the radio. More importantly, they say there is no "chain of events" establishing that Led Zeppelin's members heard the Wolfe song.
In the lawsuit, Wolfe's heirs say that Led Zeppelin in its earliest days once opened up for Spirit on tour and that Page may have heard it before his 1971 recording session. The defendants say the evidence is undisputed that the two bands "appeared at the same venue on the same day only three times," and that Spirit performed its most recent songs, not "Taurus." Additionally, the defendants say that quotes attributed to Jimmy Page "as liking Spirit's albums and performances" is both hearsay and not proof he heard the particular song in question.
Page states in his own declaration (see in full below) that "Stairway to Heaven" was created independently, "with the intention to create a long work, with multiple different parts, that would unfold with increasing complexity and speed..."
He also discusses some of the musicians and songs he was familiar with at the time - the Beatles, "Cry Me a River," "Chim Chim Chiree," "Ice Cream Dreams" - that employed a similar descending line guitar concept.
After discussing the happenstance that the bands played together and how it was possible that he did not hear them perform live, he discusses his record collection - which included the song in which he's now accused of plagiarizing.
"I have several thousand albums of many different kinds," he says. "They include albums I purchased, albums people gave me and albums that were simply left at my home. Also, like a book collector who never gets around to reading books they collect, I have never listened to many of the albums."
(Here's Plant's own declaration.)

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Hiroshima (1979) Full Album

Hiroshima's entire debut masterpiece...

Track listing:

00:00 ''Lion Dance''
05:50 ''Roomful of Mirrors''
09:25 ''Kokoro''
16:07 ''Long Time Love''
20:12 ''Da-Da''
26:45 ''Never, Ever''
30:42 ''Holidays''
34:04 ''Taiko Song''

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Get hammered with jazz great Charles Mingus's Egg Nog recipe

By David Pescovitz

Jazz pioneer Charles Mingus (1922-1979) had a secret recipe for eggnog that by all accounts was delicious, and incredibly potent. He shared the recipe with biographer Janet Coleman who published it in her book Mingus/Mingus: Two Memoirs. Here's the brew below, followed by Mingus's "Moanin'."
Charles Mingus's Egg Nog
* Separate one egg for one person. Each person gets an egg.
* Two sugars for each egg, each person.
* One shot of rum, one shot of brandy per person.
* Put all the yolks into one big pan, with some milk.
* That’s where the 151 proof rum goes. Put it in gradually or it’ll burn the eggs,
* OK. The whites are separate and the cream is separate.
* In another pot- depending on how many people- put in one shot of each, rum and brandy. (This is after you whip your whites and your cream.)
* Pour it over the top of the milk and yolks.
* One teaspoon of sugar. Brandy and rum.
* Actually you mix it all together.
* Yes, a lot of nutmeg. Fresh nutmeg. And stir it up.
* You don’t need ice cream unless you’ve got people coming and you need to keep it cold. Vanilla ice cream. You can use eggnog. I use vanilla ice cream.
* Right, taste for flavor. Bourbon? I use Jamaica Rum in there. Jamaican Rums. Or I’ll put rye in it. Scotch. It depends.
See, it depends on how drunk I get while I’m tasting it.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Zangief Piledrives His Way Into Street Fighter V

Hey everyone, some big news was shared moments ago at the IgoMir event in Russia! The “red cyclone” will be making his way into Street Fighter V!!

A popular mainstay within Street Fighter, Zangief is the most prominent wrestler within the series
Zangief has made appearances in Street Fighter II, Street Fighter Alpha II and III, and Street Fighter IV, all the while fighting for “Mother Russia.”

When it comes to raw strength, not many in the world can compete with Zangief. Training day and night, Zangief believes that the only way to victory is to have a body complete with perfect muscles. Due to his intense training, which includes wrestling bears, Zangief can lift the heaviest opponents with ease!

In SFV, Zangief shows off the results of his training through his newfound V-Skill, Iron Muscle and new V-Trigger, Cyclone Lariat. These two skills are just the tip of the iceberg however, as Zangief has even more new tactics in store for the world warriors this time around.

V-Skill: Iron Muscle
Zangief shows the true power of his body when he activates Iron Muscle. During Iron Muscle, Zangief can absorb one attack, which leaves him with recoverable health. If players hold down medium punch and medium kick and then press a direction on the joystick, Zangief will begin to slowly close in on the opponent. Upon release from the walk, Zangief flexes his muscles and hits the opponent if close enough.

V-Trigger: Cyclone Lariat
Zangief lives up to his name “the red cyclone” as he spins with high speed and velocity, pulling the opponent in close. If the player taps the V-Trigger activation buttons, Zangief will quickly spin and pull in the opponent. If the player holds the V-Trigger activation buttons, Zangief will continue to spin and hit the opponent multiple times.

And that ladies and gentlemen, wraps up Zangief. With only three characters left to reveal, you’ll want to be sure to check back in frequently to see who makes it into the next announcement. Who do you think will be next?